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“The image of a country is not just about economic and military strength. The soft face of a country also makes a di­fference. Sports is one such soft power that can capture and direct the world’s attention to India”. This famous quote of our Honorable Prime Minister ‘ Shri Narendra Modi’ is not only encouragement for the sporting fraternity and sportspersons of India but is in line with the vision and inception of Gravolite.

About Gravolite:

Gravolite was founded in 1980 and is the leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance competitive sports ‑flooring for multiple sports. The extensive experience of curating products to enhance performance for both the sports sector and the sportspersons has given Gravolite an international threshold to be known as one of the biggest, recognizable, and appreciated companies across the sports Industry.

Over 4 decades, Gravolite has been seen as an outstanding sports solution and service provider to renowned competitive sporting events. The accreditation to partner with Common Wealth Games, Asian Games, World Championships, and nearly a thousand plus national sporting events has given Gravolite a podium position; recognized as the most sought-after sports mat solutions and products suppliers of competitive sports events across India.

Gravolite has set new standards in sports ‑flooring solutions with technological advancements in production, thereby becoming the number one choice of all government sporting institutions and bodies. Gravolite mats have been consistently chosen over the years for top-level sports events, by the B2G and B2B fraternity because of the stringent quality and delivery focus that the brand has maintained.

India Scenario:

With India’s overall sports development initiative and India’s global representation of individual and team competitive sport; the mission behind the thought of ‘Khelo India’ is to look at sports not only as something that merely tones up the body but to look at any form of sport as a tool of education that stimulates the mind and brings in a culture of discipline as explained by our Honorable Prime Minister

With a tonality of believing that playing sports inculcates team spirit, develops strategic and analytical thinking, leadership skills, goal setting, and risk-taking, the ‘Khelo India’ movement lays down an opportunity of unparalleled potential for Gravolite to serve.

The central government has heightened its focus on sports and sports achievement on a global arena, and there have been various identified needs and investments planned, which are as follows;

  • Playfield development
  • Support to academies
  • State-level ‘Khelo India’ centers
  • Community coaching development
  • Annual sports competitions
  • Upgrading of sports infrastructure
  • Promotion of rural/tribal games and physical fitness in schools

The above focus areas have driven both opportunity and exponential growth of an awarded and experienced Gravolite brand.

Mats by Sports:

Gravolite mats are produced to be high-performance, durable and maximum shock absorption mats. The brand has been catering to multiple sports like; Wrestling, Basketball, Wushu, Karate, Judo, Kabaddi, Kho kho, Sambo, Gymnastics, Grappling, and Yoga.

Gravolite sports mat solutions and products have been certified by International Kabaddi, Wrestling Federation of India and the Kho Kho Federation of India and this trust accreditation has translated to Gravolite enjoying the trust of renowned clients and institutions akin Khelo India, Common Wealth Games Federation, Pro Kabaddi and Adidas to name a few of.

With an unprecedented encouragement to the grass-root level, the under-17 Khelo India school games initiated on 31st Jan 2018 under the umbrella of the Khelo India Program paved the way and encouraged 16 disciplines in sports. Out of the 16 sports disciplines, Gravolite has been off­ering world championship class sports equipment and engineered sports infrastructure solutions to 50% of the identified disciplines namely Boxing, Kabaddi, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Judo, Kho-Kho, Volleyball and Basketball primarily

Besides the above 8 specialty disciplines, Gravolite o­ffers custom sports ‑flooring foam solution, shock absorption foaming mats and is also famous for its high-quality yoga mats.

As an OEM, besides off­ering solutions to sporting bodies, competitive sporting events, the organization has curated customized products for its partner companies and clients in order to meet their business objectives.

The Right Mat:

Sports mats are di­fferent from other kinds of mats and come in diff­erent forms, shapes, sizes, and densities. One needs to identify and understand what kind of mat will be suitable for which kind of sports. A sport is a platform for some extraordinary performances that include ‑gripping, falling, and intensive physical activity. Having the best-suited quality mat is extremely important to help maintain the balance of players and help them in keeping the right posture. It has been observed that the percentage of people getting injured due to the non-availability of professional mats and equipment is quite high and some of these injuries are either life-threatening or can lead to physical disability.

A professional mat cushions the body to prevent aches and pain, as well as fatal injuries while performing any specialty sports. Gravolite’s guiding principles have revolved around developing products using the latest in athletics foam technology to off­er athletes durable, high-performance, and shock absorption mats.

We have listened to coaches and instructors from diff­erent parts of the world to manufacture sports ‑flooring solutions in alignment with their specific requirements. Like the way Gravolite’s brand positioning goes, “ Think it, ­floor it, win it” in order for our athletes/sportsperson to win, they have to train well and train right.

If we need to nurture and develop world champions from India, then we have to support stars and budding athletes with the right kind of training infrastructure. We believe our mission and vision will assist as an enabler in the transformation of India into a global sporting powerhouse.